Data ownership is a very important topic these days. Have you ever wondered? A lot of people prefer to leave it to the IT guys, nonetheless, these days the C-Level should be guiding the Data Strategy of Organizations. Some other rather have a second party take care of it. If so, they should be very careful. This because a lot of companies will take advantage. A strategic differentiation in Data is keen to a bright future. Data Governance must be taken seriously.

The data ownership revolution background

The other day, I visited the office of a good friend of mine in Mainz Castel. He is dedicated to develop Medical Devices. His independent endeavor created a dermoabrasion equipment that will revolutionize the treatment in Germany. He created the company two years ago with a clear vision to make dermatological treatments accessible to the majority of patients.

I personally admire people that dare to innovate and challenge an industry by disrupting the way things are being made. I respect my friend a lot, not only because he is innovative in the complex “Medtech” segment, but because of his challenging ideas, his clarity of speech, his knowledge and his good attitude.

Since I am myself an entrepreneur, his advise was important for defining the communications strategy for my new brand “Not Beliefs”. He actually recommended me to create content on the data ownership revolution, a revolution I started a few years ago while working within a Global Media Agency and continuing it with my daily to-do in the Agency-Consultancy Group “Garritz International”. This revolution is about responsibility, ownership, transparency and integration within the data realm.

In this space, we will talk about data, how we define it. How it is created. How do we understand its ownership. We will discuss about the platforms. We will criticize and analyze the mayor players. We will discuss the challenges we are facing.

I include a link to an interesting article on Data Ownership: